The University of Miami Libraries Scholarly Repository

The University of Miami Libraries’ have implemented an Open Access (OA) Scholarly Repository built to preserve and disseminate publications and related materials created by UM researchers and scholars. The Repository is powered by Digital Commons software created by the Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) and is accessible at

Faculty interested in submitting their publications can work with Library staff to identify and verify materials for inclusion in the Repository. Staff will review copyright, request permissions, and handle all administrative tasks necessary to include the materials. Examples of Repository content include journal articles, including pre-prints and post-prints, conference papers, presentations, technical reports, working papers, and lecture series. Faculty will be notified if submitted materials cannot be included in the Repository due to format type or copyright reasons.

The research and scholarship available in institutional repositories has grown significantly in recent years. Today, there are over 18 million articles and other items stored in repositories across the country, and that number continues to rise. The Libraries’ Scholarly Repository joins the University of Pennsylvania’s ScholarlyCommons repository, Columbia’s Academic Commons repository, Syracuse University Library’s SURFACE repository, and more than 300 other repositories in the U.S. and 1300 repositories worldwide.

There are many advantages to including work in the Repository. Open Access articles are cited significantly more than non-OA articles, OA work can reach more potential users of information, work in the Repository is preserved, and the Repository allows for simplified sharing of presentations and other supplements to published work.

For more information or to submit a publication, email or contact John Renaud at 305-284-4049. For Frequently Asked Questions regarding the repository, please visit