Preserving the Antonio Fernandez Reboiro Collection

Notes from the Preservation Lab: The Antonio Fernandez Reboiro Collection

Antonio Fernández Reboiro (b. 1935) is a renowned Cuban graphic artist best known for the film posters he designed for ICAIC (Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográficos, or Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry).  Created in 1959, ICAIC was charged with producing posters for all films made in Cuba and for foreign films shown in Cuba.

n 2004, we received from Dr. Samuel Yelin of Miami Beach a generous donation of 91 silkscreen posters, 91 offset posters, three giclée prints, and magazines, pamphlets, and other works designed by Reboiro.  Dr. Yelin gave these posters in memory of Saúl Yelin, who established ICAIC’s Film Poster section in 1964.

CHC’s collection of Reboiro posters was selected as the first major project for the new conservation lab after it was noted that damage was likely to occur to this important collection.

The materials were transferred to the conservation lab. The conservation technician, Duvy Argandoña sorted the posters according to the type of damage that was present. This created two work flows: 1) 70 posters that were not damaged were deacidified and encapsulated; 2) the 21 posters that were damaged went through the process outlined in this posting…

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