New Services in the Digital Media Lab

New Printing & Reformatting Service at the Richter Library’s Digital Media Lab

Starting this semester, the Digital Media Lab will begin offering a broad range digitization service along with new large format printing capabilities. Library patrons may bring in almost any type of analog media (VHS, slides, LPs, photos, cassettes, etc.) and have the Media Lab staff convert it to a digital format (files, CDs, or DVDs). This service will be free for any academic purposes but personal projects will be charged at $9.00 per hour of work. Turnaround time will vary, but is expected to average about a week. Important media that is only available in older formats should be preserved as soon as possible to prevent deterioration of the original material. As always, anyone who wishes to learn how to digitize on their own can ask any staff member in the Media Lab for free instructions.

The new, in-house, large-format printer will now make real world production of visuals, created with the Lab’s powerful design software, simple and convenient. Previously, anyone wishing to print something beyond the standard 8.5”x11” or 11”x17” paper sizes would need to go to a specialty print store unless they had access to a production lab in their department. Now students, faculty, and staff can produce professional looking prints and posters without leaving the library. Call or email the Digital Media Lab for more details and to inquire about your specific needs.


Daniel Shearouse,
Pia Cruzalegui,