UM Acquires Orange Bowl Collection

The University of Miami Otto G. Richter Special Collections is now home to the Orange Bowl Committee Archives, a rich collection of documents, objects and memorabilia related not only to the famous parade that attracted some 500,000 people to Biscayne Boulevard during its heyday, but also the college bowl game of the same name and the many ancillary events—from golf and tennis tournaments to a marathon—that went along with it.

The collection is a trove of all things Orange Bowl: the minutes of Orange Bowl Committee meetings; photographs of bands and corporate floats; a large wooden figure from the 1930s of Reddy Kilowatt, FPL’s cartoon-like corporate mascot that appeared on the company’s parade float; scrapbooks containing Orange Bowl-related newspaper clippings and even an Orange Bowl cookbook.

Although the original iteration of this colorful parade marched into history in 2002, interest in the archives still remains strong. See local media coverage of the Orange Bowl Archives here:

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