75th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz

OzSmallThe Wizard of Oz premiered August 25, 1939. Based on the 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, the film follows Dorothy Gale from her home in Kansas to the Technicolor Land of Oz. With her faithful dog, Toto, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion “follow the yellow brick road” to the Emerald City and beyond.

Noted for its mastery of set design, effects, music, and narrative, The Wizard of Oz has become a cherished classic in the American film canon.

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of this treasured film classic, the Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library is pleased to present a selection of materials from the University of Miami Libraries. These include books, scores, vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, and promotional materials. Come take a trip “over the rainbow” to the Land of Oz!

Liber Magistri: 12th century “encyclopedia of Western Europe”

The Liber magistri “has been described as one of the first encyclopedias of Western Europe in the 12th century.” Aside from a complete repertory of Gregorian chant—including the entire repertory of chants for the celebration of the mass and the divine office—the codex contains writings about the history and theory of music, theater, miniature production, medicine, agriculture, and other sciences.

The facsimile edition is reproduced in full color and bound in leather with brass closures. Presented to Professor Frank Cooper on the occasion of his retirement by University Librarian Bill Walker, this codex is a marvelous addition to the Frank Cooper Music Facsimile Collection.


Celebrating Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring!

On May 29, 1913, Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring premiered in Paris. It debuted to a riot between audience members thrilled by the innovative work and those who jeered at the bizarre choreography and discordant music. Despite its less-than-auspicious beginnings, the Rite is now considered one of the most important works of the 20th century.

The Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library is pleased to present an exhibit aboutThe Rite of Spring, which celebrated its centennial just last year. A facsimile edition of the autograph manuscript and images of an original costume design worn by one of the dancers are joined by quotes from modern day scholars and contemporary witnesses to the premiere of the ballet.

This exhibit will run through the Spring semester.

Richard Wagner Bicentennial

Richard WagnerRichard Wagner (1813-1883) is among the elite group of composers who changed the course of music history. His operas—including the Ring cycle, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg and Tristan und Isolde—demonstrate that the richness of artistic expression can be freed from the limits of musical tradition: a philosophy that was fully realized in the experimentation of the 20thcentury. The Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library is pleased to present a selection of materials to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of this remarkable composer. This exhibit will be displayed in the lobby of the music library through the end of the semester.

Music for the Eyes: Highlights from the Frank Cooper Music Facsimile Collection

In honor of Professor Frank Cooper’s upcoming retirement from the University of Miami, and in celebration of his impressive contributions to music scholarship and to the dissemination of the arts to South Florida, the United States, and the world, the Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library is proud to present a selection of music facsimiles from the Frank Cooper Music Facsimile Collection. Thanks to the generosity of Professor Frank Cooper’s family and friends the Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library was able to purchase these beautiful reproductions of major music manuscripts.

Cage3: Cage Centennial Celebration

One of the foremost pioneers of avant-garde music in the mid-20th century, John Cage is most well-known for his aleatory or “chance” compositions, over which he had little or no influence organization, performance, or, in some cases, even the compositional process itself. Cage’s most significant aleatory composition is his signature work 4’33”, which was composed for any instrument or combination of instruments and consists of three movements in which the performer or performers produces not a single note of music; instead, the “music” is the ambient sound of the performing space. His compositions, lectures, writings, and collaborations with choreographer Merce Cunningham and artists such as Robert Rauschenberg made him internationally famous, and led him to be one of the most influential music personalities of the last century.

In celebration of the centennial of this truly remarkable icon of modern music, The Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library is pleased to present an exhibit of scores, recordings, and other materials by and about John Cage. This exhibit will be on display beginning September 2012. For more information, visit http://libguides.miami.edu/JohnCage.

Cantigas de Santa Maria on Display

Created under the direction of Alfonso X “El Sabio” (“The Wise”), King of Castile during the latter half of the 13th century, the Cantigas de Santa Maria was composed as an ode to the Virgin Mary and comprises four manuscripts containing over 400 monophonic songs called “cantigas.” The collection consists chiefly of narratives of the miracles of the Virgin Mary, interspersed by songs of praise. The miracle narratives are illustrated by illuminated miniatures, arranged in panels much like the comic books and graphic novels of today.

The Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library is pleased to have a full-color facsimile of one of these four manuscripts: the richly ornamented códice rico held at the Real Biblioteca de San Lorenzo de El Escorial. This impressive, leather-bound facsimile was produced in 1979 by the Madrid firm Edilán-Ars Libris. One of a limited edition of 2,000 copies, this facsimile is a highly-valued part of our collection and a testament to one of the greatest artistic achievements of the 13th century.

The Cantigas de Santa Maria will be on display in the lobby at Weeks Music Library through the end of August 2012.

50th Anniversary of the Rolling Stones!

Billing itself as “The World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band,” the Rolling Stones—which formed in London, in April 1962—has influenced countless rock groups that have followed in its wake, and continues to produce chart-topping albums and sell out concerts.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Rolling Stones, the Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library is pleased to present a selection of materials from our collection related to this talented and influential group.

Les Misérables Broadway Anniversary

March 12th marks the 25th anniversary of the Broadway debut of one of the world’s most beloved and longest-running musicals, Les Misérables. Based on the novel by Victor Hugo and set against the backdrop of rising civil unrest in 19th-century France, the story follows Jean Valjean, a paroled prisoner who struggles to rise above his impoverished and criminal status while hiding from the policeman Javert.

After the original French-language production closed in 1980, composer Claude-Michel Schönberg, lyricists Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Natel, librettist Herbert Kretzmer, and producer Cameron Mackintosh brought an adapted English-language production to the London stage, where it premiered in October 1985.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of this remarkable work’s Broadway premiere, The Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library is pleased to present a selection of materials from our collection. This exhibit will run through the end of March.

Franz Liszt’s 200th Birthday!

Hungarian composer Franz Liszt (1811-1886) is considered by many to be “the supreme piano virtuoso of the 19th century” and is certainly among the greatest pianists of all time. Liszt’s solo recital tours of Europe in the 1840s evoked such an enthusiasm among his admirers that the craze was christened “Lisztomania”—predating the frenzy of “Beatlemania” by 120 years! To celebrate Liszt’s 200th birthday, the Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library is pleased to present a selection of scores and images of this prodigious composer and performer.