2013-2014 CHC Graduate Fellows announced

We are happy to announce the 2013-2014 CHC Graduate Fellows, generously funded by The Goizueta Foundation, with additional support from the Amigos of the Cuban Heritage Collection.

The Cuban Heritage Collection Graduate Fellowships provide assistance to doctoral students in the U.S. who wish to use the research resources available in the Cuban Heritage Collection at the University of Miami Libraries. The goal of these Fellowships is to engage emerging scholars with the materials available in the Cuban Heritage Collection and thus contribute to the larger body of scholarship in Cuban, hemispheric, and international studies.

For more information about fellowship opportunities to study at the Cuban Heritage Collection, click here.

Research Fellows

Hideaki Kami
Ohio State University (History)
Diplomacy and Migration: A Transformation of U.S. Relations with Cuba, 1974-1992

Elizabeth Schwall
Columbia University (History)
Embodied Communiqués and the Politics of Revolutionary Culture in Cuba, 1959 – 1989

Kelly Urban
University of Pittsburgh (History)
“For the Poor Sick Ones and for Cuba”: Tuberculosis and Nationalism in Cuba, 1902-1959

Francis Watlington
University of Texas at Austin (Spanish & Portuguese)
Risueños febriles: Dehumanization, Embodiment, and Ethics in the Subject of Cuban Existentialist Poetics

Gabriela Zaviezo
University of Miami (Modern Languages & Literatures)
Visual and discursive representations of gender during the past 30 years in Cuba

Pre-Prospectus Fellows

Alexis Baldacci
University of Florida (History)
The Haves and Have-Nots: Material Culture in Revolutionary Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora, 1959-1980

Walfrido Dorta Sánchez
City University of New York (Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Literatures & Languages)
Intellectual and Cultural Politics in Cuba and Cuban Exile in United States (1960-2000): the Map of the Cultural Journals

Maikel Fariñas Borrego
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (History)
Regional Pressure Groups in Cuba: Rotary Clubs, Local Elites, and Conflicting Interests, 1916-1968

Cary García Yero
University of Pittsburgh (History)
Masculinities and Musical Culture in Havana 1940-1970

Eric Herschthal
Columbia University (History)
Black Communication Networks between the Early American Republic and Cuba (1775-1833)

Anasa Hicks
New York University (History)
Domestic work in 20th century Cuba

Eric Mayer-García
Louisiana State University (Theatre)
Translocating Theatrical and Cuban Imaginaries: Virgilio Piñera’s Electra Garrigó in Miami, 1978

Kevin Sedeño-Güillen
University of Kentucky (Hispanic Studies)
The Colonial Modernity of the Spanish American Literary Criticism of the Second Half of the 18th Century