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The Haves and Have-Nots: Material Culture in Revolutionary Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora, 1959-1980
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Intellectual and Cultural Politics in Cuba and Cuban Exile in United States (1960-2000): the Map of the Cultural Journals
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Regional Pressure Groups in Cuba: Rotary Clubs, Local Elites, and Conflicting Interests, 1916-1968
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Masculinities and Musical Culture in Havana 1940-1970
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Black Communication Networks between the early American republic and Cuba (1775-1833)
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Domestic work in 20th century Cuba
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Diplomacy and Migration: A Transformation of U.S. Relations with Cuba, 1974-1992
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Translocating Theatrical and Cuban Imaginaries: Virgilio Piñera’s Electra Garrigó in Miami, 1978
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Embodied Communiqués and the Politics of Revolutionary Culture in Cuba, 1959 – 1989

Kevin Sedeño-Guillén
The Colonial Modernity of the Spanish American literary criticism of the second half of the 18th century

Kelly Urban
For the Poor Sick Ones and for Cuba: Tuberculosis and Nationalism in Cuba, 1902-1959
Francis Watlington
Risueños febriles: Dehumanization, Embodiment, and Ethics in the Subject of Cuban Existentialist Poetics
Gabriela Zaviezo
Visual and Discursive Representations of Gender During the Past 30 Years in Cuba


Russell Boutelle
The Invention of Juan Placido and the Transamerican Antislavery Movement
Michael Bustamante
Cuban Counterpoints: Memory Struggles in Revolution, Exile, and Diaspora
Mauricio Castro
Post-1959 Miami and the American Welfare State
Joanna Elrick
Religion, Race and Culture in Colonial Cuba, Angola, and Brazil
Jesse Horst
Housing and Slums in Havana 1930-1960
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Mariel and Encuentro de la Cultura Cubana: Cuban Literary Exile of the Last Three Decades

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Language, Literacy, Identity and Culture in the Cuban Diaspora

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Negotiating Cubanness through Art Music: Composers in Socialist Cuba, 1959-1989
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Artists, Aesthetics, and Migrations: Caribbean Women Artists in Miami, Florida and the Aesthetics and Politics of Cultural Production
Martin Tsang
Afro-Chinese Identity and Religion in Cuba


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The Religious and Nationalist Transformation of Cuba, 1790-1860
Michael Bustamante
Cuban Counterpoints: Memory Struggles in Revolution, Exile, and Diaspora
Etnografía, narración y proyectos nacionales en el Caribe insular hispánico
João Felipe Gonçalves
The Many Bodies of the Hero: Nationalism and Monuments to Marti in Havana and Miami
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Catholic Student Movements in Brazil and Cuba, 1946 to 1966
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Sexing the Cuban Revolution: Gender Difference and Sexuality as Tools of Nation-Making, 1959-1975
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Baptism by Fire: The Making and Remaking of Madness in Cuba, 1899-1980
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Seeing Red: Sex and Racial Violence in Cuba circa 1898
Kristina Shull
Containing Foreign Bodies: The Detention of Mariel Cuban Refugees at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, 1980-1982
Kelly Urban 
Tuberculosis in Early Twentieth-Century Cuba: A Social History


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Hemispheric Routes, Marginalized Economies, and Liberal Rights

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The Politics of Childhood in Miami and Havana, 1959-19620

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Limits of Transient Sexualities: Globalization and (Trans)Caribbean Queer Subjectivities

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The American State of Cuba: The Business of Cuba and the Monroe Doctrine
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Cuban Transnationalism in the Late 19th Century: Citizenship, Sugar and Revolution

Bonnie Lucero
Post-colonial Peculiarities: Cultural Reflections of Race and Gender on the Road to Cuban Independence

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Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times: Daily Life in Havana, 1895-1898s

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The Secret Life of Ruins: Exile and Melancholy in Cuban and Algerian Literatures

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Caribbean Intellectual Voyages: Traveling Texts, Traveling Ideas, and the Making of the Modern Caribbean

Martin Tsang
Afro-Chinese Identity and Religion in Cuba