Spring 2013

Melissa Barona & Margarita Hiraldo

Biohydrogen as an Alternative Energy Source for Cuba

Elaine Penagos

Female Archetypes and Stereotypes of Santeria Deities

Thomas Terrill

Criminalization of Afro-Cuban Religions: Urban versus Rural

Spring 2012

Regla Alfonso

Lessons From my Ancestors: a Bilingual Essay

Hannah Artman

The Business of Being Exiled: Reconstructing Cuban Culture through Miami’s Zarzuela Advertising

Laura Chaviano

Danzón al rescate: Cuba y México

Alexander Garcia, Jr.

Fort Chaffee: a Short Story about the Lives of Children at a Cuban Refugee Resettlement Center

Kevin Marquina

Lo que cuesta una libreta: a Play about the Immigration Experience of Cuban Scientists

Robin Morey

Origin Stories and the Creation of Race in the Work of Lydia Cabrera

Kennia Pluas

Vámonos al monte: La conexión discursiva entre la religión afrocubana y los movimientos verdes

Mackenzie Sheldon

Teresa María Rojas: The Fire-Bringer

Spring 2011

Alina Collazo

Carlos Felipe: A Necessary Study

Harold Gil

Santeria’s Perceptions of Health and Illness

Brian Liegel

Che Guevara: The Embodiment of the New Man

Fall 2010

Denise Arredondo

An Analysis of Maternal Mortality Rates in Cuba

Alejandro Hernandez

An Overview of the Interpretations of José Martí in His Life and throughout the Century

Lydia Mackie

An Exploration of Cuban Culinary Traditions during the Special Period

Summer 2010

Amanda María Gómez

Queering Cuba: Discovering the Lesbian Presence in Post-Revolutionary Cuba

Alanna Pugliese

The Inaccurate Saint: Devotion to San Lázaro/Babalú Ayé in Cuban Culture in Miami

Brittany Stockman

From the Revolution to the Diaspora: The Role of a Cuban Actress in the Forging of a Transnational Identity

Spring 2010

Marcela Arcos-Holzinger

Economic analysis of INTAR’s Hispanic Playwrights-in-Residence Lab

Alina Giral

Cuban religious figures of Our Lady of Charity and Oshún

Jorge Mulet

Cuban-born writer and playwright Luis Santeiro

Moises Pérez

Enigma of the Ñáñigo: Authority and Autonomy in 19th Century Colonial Cuba

Elizabeth C. Salerno

Children’s Theater in Cuba: Play and/or Politics?