Miró Cardona audio recordings online

José Miró Cardona

Now online: 74 audio recordings from the José Miró Cardona collection including speeches, interviews, and radio broadcasts from the 1960s. The majority of these recordings are speeches and interviews with Miró Cardona and broadcasts of the radio program La voz del Consejo Revolucionario de Cuba. They also include interviews with exile leaders and activists Manuel Antonio Varona, Manuel Ray, and others; radio broadcasts from Cuba; and an interview by Cuban journalists with José Miró Torra, Miró Cardona’s son, who was captured during the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

A lawyer and politician who served as Prime Minister of Cuba for just over one month in early 1959, Miró Cardona (1902-1974) was president of the Consejo Revolucionario Cubano (Cuban Revolutionary Council), or CRC, the Cuban exile organization that worked with the CIA and the administration of US President John F. Kennedy to prepare the Bay of Pigs Invasion of 1961.

These reel-to-reel audio recordings form part of the José Miró Cardona Papers held by the Cuban Heritage Collection.


Newly Digitized: completed digital projects in fall 2012

The Libraries’ Digital Projects team worked diligently during the fall 2012 semester to make steady progress on digitization goals. The team digitized and created metadata for several new collections and additions to existing collections. Their efforts are now available to the public and viewable at any time on the UM Digital Collections website.

In January, we announced the digitization of a new digital collection containing 19th century papers of the Junta Revolucionaria Cubana from the Ramiro Casañas Collection, which included a total of 664 pages of correspondence documenting the activities of the Junta’s chapters in New Orleans, Philadelphia, and New York. In addition to this new collection, the team was able to add material to existing collections:


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New digital collections: Videos of presentations and books about Cuba

CHC hosts or co-sponsors lectures, book presentations, and other events on topics related to Cuba’s history and culture and to the Collection’s exhibitions, new acquisitions, and research resources. This digital collection is an online archive of video recordings of a selection of these activities dating from 2005 to the present. New videos are continually added.

Visit the online collection here: http://merrick.library.miami.edu/cubanHeritage/chc5229

CHC houses both rare and contemporary books published anywhere in the world about the Cuban experience and the Cuban diaspora. While this includes books in all areas of scholarship, the book collection emphasize history, literature and literary criticism, politics, popular culture, religion, and the arts. The digital collection of our books focuses on works published before 1923.

Highlights include Los ingenios by Justo Germán Cantero with illustrations by Eduardo Laplante (Havana, 1857) and a portfolio of 32 Mialhe lithographs from about 1839. Newly digitized titles are continually added.

Access selected online books about Cuba here: http://merrick.library.miami.edu/cubanHeritage/chc9999/