New digital collections: drawings of Santería deities, and anti-communist posters by Agrupación Abdala

With the generous support from The Goizueta Foundation, materials from two of our collections have been newly digitized and are now available for your viewing!

The Orichas Collection consists of a series of drawings by Cuban-born artist Alberto del Pozo (1946-1992) of the deities of Afro-Cuban Santería, called orichas. There are approximately 25 orichas in the Santería pantheon, 17 of which were depicted by del Pozo in this series. You can view 17 signed lithographs from the collection as well as one catalog of the series are available online here. To find out more about Alberto del Pozo, the collection, as well as the orichas themselves, visit this virtual exhibit.

Agrupación Abdala (or Agrupación Estudiantil Abdala) was an anti-communist organization of primarily Cuban-born students founded in the United States in 1968 with chapters at several colleges and universities around the country. Abdala hosted congresses, marches, and other events to promote their anti-Castro agenda. Dating from 1967 to 1982, the posters in this collection advertise these events and Abdala’s causes. All of the posters from this collection have been digitized and are available online here.