There are several available online resources for learning about data management plans. The three sites below are the best developed collections of tools to help researchers write their data management plans.

The California Digital Library’s DMP Tool

The University of California’s California Digital Library (CDL) maintains the DMP Tool as a curated collection of resources and step by step guides to help researchers create a data management plans specific to particular agency requirements. A little time with this tool before creating a plan will streamline your writing process.

The University of Miami maintains an institutional affiliation with the CDL and the DMP Tool. Faculty, students and staff can login with their caneID and have full access to the collection. Simply select the University of Miami from the drop-down menu on the DMP Tool login page and click next . . .

The Digital Curation Centre DMP Tool

The United Kingdom Digital Curation Center in conjunction with the Joint Information Systems Committee maintain a similar online DMP Tool with resources collected from European funding agencies and organizations. This is a useful resource for those with research connections in Europe.

DMP Tool Online

The University of Alberta Portage DMP Tool

The University of Alberta Libraries are developing a bilingual (English and French) version of the DCC DMP Online Tool called the Portage Network. This is a growing resource for research in Canada and in other French speaking countries.