Several collections of successful Data Management Plans exist as references to be consulted before you write your own plan.

The California Digital Library

As a part of the DMP tool there is a hosted collection of public DMPs. This collection is mostly comprised of data management plans for the NSF, but there are several from the NEH and other independent agencies as well. Note that these are not vetted for quality; they remain useful nevertheless.

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

In November of 2015 the NEH announced that it made a collection of successful Data Management Plans from 2011-2014 available as a zip file for download from its Freedom of Information Act library. The NEH also published a short guide for DMP requirements (2017).

National Institute for Health Data Sharing Plans

The NIH has posted several examples of data sharing plans  that is part of a broader guide on their Data Sharing Policy and Implementation.

Other collections