The University of Miami provides the following Research Data Services

  • Data Storage: The University of Miami has several campus wide data storage and sharing tools
  • Data Repository: The University of Miami institutional repository can be a home for your data as well as your research publications.
  • DOI minting service: The University of Miami provides a DOI minting service for all of your publishing needs; both for your data and for other scholarly output such as article reprints, journal publishing, and other assets.
  • Data Management Plan Review: You can ask for a review of your data management plan from the libraries, the writing center or the center for computational science.
  • Sensitive Data Management: The Office of Research at the University of Miami provides several services to share data and meet HIPPA privacy and security compliance for researchers working with sensitive or private data.
    • Velos: Velos eResearch Clinical Trials Management Software is a tool for managing clinical trials data.
    • REDcap: Research Electronic Data Capture is an application that allows users to build and manage online surveys and databases quickly and securely.
  • Online Survey Tools: If you plan to include an online survey in your research, please see the Qualtrics tool for use at the University of Miami
  • GIS and geospatial data: If you need help with geographic data please consult with our GIS librarian or explore the GIS resources available at the University of Miami
  • Digital Humanities: If you are working in the realm of digital humanities please contact the digital humanities librarian, consult the digital humanities services at Richter Library, or explore the digital humanities resources available at the University of Miami.
  • Data Management Training, Courses, and Course Support: Research Data Services offers one for credit Data Management Course through the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSM 650). We can also provide one-shot seminars for both graduate or undergraduate courses in all disciplines as a course support for Data Management.

Need additional help with research data services?

There are several other ways that the library can help with data management:

  • Contact us for a data management plan consultation
  • Are you a self-learner? See these learning resources
  • If you have general questions please see our data management FAQ
  • Contact one of our data management librarians for more specific questions or concerns.
    • Discipline agnostic data management course support
    • Special data management needs
    • Help with publishing data

We look forward to hearing from you!

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