On Campus Data Management Resources

Apart from the Research Data Services found here, there are several other campus departments that provide data services to the research community. Please explore the options below based on your needs.

Office of Research

The Office of Research provides two tools for the management of sensitive data: REDcap is an application that allows users to build and manage online surveys and databases quickly and securely and Velos is a tool for managing clinical trials data.

The Office of Research also provides enterprise systems and tools for research administrators, investigators and research teams designed to facilitate government, reporting and regulatory compliance processes. Please see their Research IT services for more information.

Center for Computational Science

The Center for Computational Science (CCS) provides several services based on their built environment for High Powered Computing (HPC). These include compute time on Pegasus, the HPC cluster that CCS maintains, storage options for data, and advanced consulting for research needs on any of the UM Campuses. Please see their services for more information.

Additionally the Center for Computational Science provides free consultation for grant preparation and DMPs that will include the use of their HPC in the proposed research.

University of Miami Information Technology

University of Miami Information Technology (UMIT) provides an array of services to the the UM community. Two important services for research data management are the backup and storage solutions that they offer and the list of licensed software that UM students, faculty and staff have access to.

Please see the complete list of their services and products for more information.