We can help to manage, store, share and curate data produced in your research.

Need help with a data management plan?

Planning ahead and writing a data management plan will save you time and resources. By incorporating best practices into your research workflow you can better manage your data assets whether for publishing, preserving, or sharing .

Do you want to share, publish or preserve data?

A good description of your data to accompany its bundled deposit into a repository where it is assigned a permanent DOI (digital object identifier) will increase the visibility and relevance of your research efforts.

How we can help.

We provide data management consultations, learning resources, course support, and full courses for the research community at the University of Miami. Please see a full list of services, contact us or see our FAQ for more information.

Want More?

There are even more on campus data management resources within the Office of Research, The Center for Computational Science and UM Information Technology.