Short-term Storage and Backup Options at the University of Miami

Remember, it is best to always have three copies of your work at all times.

The University of Miami provides several storage and backup options to the research community.

Short-term storage, backup, and sharing solutions for your work will vary depending upon the characteristics of your data.a The University of Miami offers the following services which will meet most research project needs:


Size Limits HIPAA Compliant Collaboration and Sharing Relational Databases Self Guided No Costs
Box Cloud-Based Storage unlimited b
Cloud Storage (CCS) unlimited with 10 TB minimum c
File Server (UMIT) unlimited d, e d e


If one of these solutions does not meet your needs, you can consider self-managed solutions, or please feel free to contact the UM Information Technology (UMIT) Service Desk, research data services at the Libraries, or the advanced computing services at CCS for further assistance.

  1. a None of these options are for long-term storage, please see our institutional repository or identify another disciplinary repository to meet this need.
  2. b Box’s single file upload limit is 15GB.
  3. c Please see the advanced computing resources at CCS or contact the Advanced Computing group directly for more information.
  4. d To begin the request process, please contact the UMIT Service Desk at (305) 284-6565 or
  5. e Every request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Evaluations are based on the requested resource needs and the current resource allocations across campus. If the request is exceptionally large, there may be cost sharing requirements.


Sharing and Collaboration Tools

For general sharing and collaboration needs please see the cloud storage solutions that Information Technology provides for faculty, staff, and students:

Google Drive