The University of Miami Scholarly Repository

The UM scholarly repository is traditionally a place for dissertations, theses, and faculty scholarly output at the University of Miami, but our repository is also a home for research data. This can include observational data, modeled data, historical data, analyzed data and even code.

Deposit your data

Mediated through Research Data Services at the Library any faculty, staff or student can deposit data into the scholarly repository at the University of Miami.

Please contact us to make a deposit request and we will do everything possible to help you prepare for and make the deposit.

We can guide you in best practices such as assigning appropriate metadata, choosing file formats suited for long term preservation, and preparing for ownership and privacy issues.

Digital Object Identifiers and the UM Scholarly Repository

Research Data Services can mint a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for your data deposit thus increasing the impact of your research and meet requirements from funding agencies and publishers.

Other alternatives?

While we can assist with the deposit of your data into the UM repository, perhaps a disciplinary repository will be a better home for your data.

Visit the repository help page or contact us for a consultation.