The 2011 Edible Books Festival was held on April 1, 2010 in the Richter Library

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Creator: Laura Sandberg & Rachel Hanna
Title: The Age of Raisin

Creator: Scott Britton
Title: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Creator: Linda Chapin & Ernie Selditch
Title: Big Macbeth

Creator: Cheryl Gowing
Title: Book of Tea

Creator: Kimberley MacDonald & Blaire Umhau
Title: Bremen Town Nutrition
Inspiration: The Bremen Town Musicians

Creator: Kyle Rimkus
Title: The Catcher in the Rye

Creator: Roxane Pickens
Title: Consuming the Jazz Age
Inspiration: Home to Harlem; Passing; The Great Gatsby; Big Blonde; Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Creator: Eowyn Osorio and Vanessa Rodriguez
Title: Delirium’s Cake
Inspiration: The Little Endless Storybook

Creator: Alexis Yordan & Marylen Exposito
Title:The Devil Wears Prada
Creator:Cheryl Gowing
Title: Diary of Samuel Peeps
Inspiration: The Diary of Samuel Pepys
Creator: Linda & Ashley Ford
Title: Flies and the Honey Pot
Creator: Rebecca & Alice Brienen
Title: Guardians of Ga’hoole
Creator: Cory Czajkowski
Title: Ham on Rye
Creator: Susan Zabowski
Title: The House of Seven Cables
Creator: Whitney Taylor
Title: Last of Supper
Creator: Erica Barrios
Title: Lord of the Fries
Creator: Vanessa Rodriguez
Title: Mrs. Lovett’s Pie Shop
Inspiration: The String of Pearls (origin of Sweeney Todd)
Creator: Jeremy Rosenthal & Mariana Ortiz
Title: Naked Lunch
Creator: Marcia Evanson & Gary Heath
Title: Ode to the Banana Man
Inspiration: The Song of the Banana Man
Creator: Lazara Ballester
Title: On Beyond Zebra Cakes
Inspiration: On Beyond Zebra!
Creator: Cheryl Gowing
Inspiration: Onion Field
Creator: Carrie Sieh
Title: Palliative
An original artist book
Creator: Laura Sandberg & Rachel Hanna
Title: Paradise Lox
Creator: Jeff Larson
Title: Pea and the Peep
Inspiration: Princess and the Pea
Creator: Cheryl Gowing
Title: Pete’s A Pizza
Creator: Cheryl Gowing
Title: Raisin in the Bun
Creator: Carrie Sieh
Title: Sustenance
An original artist book
Creator: Angela Bousalis
Title: Ugly Dumpling
Inspiration: Ugly Duckling
Creator: Cristina Favretto
Title: Walt Whitman’s Sampler
Inspiration: Whitman’s poems
Creator: Nancy Brady
Title: Wasteland