The DML gallery is intended to display the work of University of Miami students who have used the services provided in the lab to create a visual story. We try to showcase a variety of different ideas from students across departments. The images on this page are on display in the Digital Media Lab.

Kevin Reagan – Spring 2017 Exhibit

Marine Science and Biology, major
Chemistry, minor



Kevin Reagan is a graduating senior at the University of Miami and student worker at the UM Libraries Digital Media Lab. He has been practicing photography for 9 years and taking photos of everything he can, from weddings to landscapes, and in different parts of the world. For the past two semesters, Kevin took part in UM’s Study Abroad program in Hawaii, the Galapagos Islands, and off the coast of Ecuador in South America where he captured his experience through photographs.

As part of the UGalapagos, Kevin spent August-November 2017 living on the island of Isabela, the largest island in the archipelago, but houses one of the smallest human populations (~1,500 people), allowing the vast majority of the nature there to thrive nearly free of human intervention. He lived with a host family (pictured above) for the duration of his stay and had the opportunity to photograph the unique wildlife and landscapes found on the islands. This exhibit features some of the photographs from his Study Abroad experience.


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