Hendrik W. Vietor, son of accomplished performer and composer Alba Rosa Vietor, was born and raised in a unique international family environment. His parents, a Dutchman and an Italian woman, met on the high seas and fell in love, though neither could speak the other’s native language

Their passion for music – his father, an accomplished amateur violin player; his mother, a professional concert violinist – superseded their cultural differences, and the couple married and settled in the United States, “to make beautiful music together.”

Alba Rosa wrote a vast amount of music for orchestras, ensembles, single instruments and voice, and many of her compositions were performed professionally by such notable ensembles as the National Gallery of Art Symphony Orchestra and The Frost Symphony Orchestra, among others.

Hendrik had always dreamed of establishing a permanent home for his mother’s compositions and to have all of her manuscripts converted to print through a computer-assisted engraving process.

Today, her music has a permanent resting place: the renowned Frost School of Music’s Weeks Music Library at the University of Miami. With the valued assistance of Dean William Hipp, Hendrik’s dream is being achieved through the Alba Rosa Vietor Archive.

In heartfelt appreciation and gratitude, Hendrik was further moved to establish the Alba Rosa Vietor Graduate Fellowship Endowment. In time, this gift annuity will provide financial assistance to deserving graduate music students.

More information on Mrs. Alba Rosa Vietor and the Alba Rosa Vietor foundation can be found by visiting www.albarosavietor.com.