First Three Directors of the UM Libraries

I would like to share with you a very special picture of the first three directors of Richter Library below. The monumental picture was taken at Richter’s 1997 Holiday Party.

[Dr. McNeal (left), Mr. Bosseau (center), Mr. Rogers (right)]

We were able to locate the following names, titles, and dates of service in the “Library Roster (1947-)” in our collection.

1) Dr. Archie L. McNeal was the first Director served from 1952 to 1979. He was the director at the dedication of Richter Library in 1962.

2) Mr. Frank Rogers was the second Director from 1979 to 1997.

3) Mr. Don Bosseau was the Director of Libraries from 1997 to 2002.

4) Mr. William D. Walker was the Dean and University Librarian from 2003 to 2013.

5) Dr. Charles Eckman is the current Dean and University Librarian since December 2013.

Mr. William G. Harkins served as the first full-time Librarian of the University before Dr. McNeal from 1940 to 1952.

Please go to the link below for more about the library and its history. Opened in 1962, the Otto G. Richter Library at the University of Miami celebrated 50th anniversary in 2012.

Dormitories in the Early Days

By sheer serendipity, I found a very interesting book in the stacks this morning. It is titled “Early Dorm Daze” written by Wilna “Mom” Koch, who was the Director of Dormitories at the UM in the early days. Students affectionately called her “Mom,” as she treated them as her own children. The essay is 24-pages long and was printed circa 1954.

Please come visit the library and read Mom’s own story of her years at the University.(click the link below for bibliographic info) I appreciate the author writing the wonderful story and donating it to the library.

Early Dorm Days in Richter’s Online Catalog

(The Miami Hurricane, January 14, 1955 article)

Please go to the link below for the current street view of 624 Santander Avenue.

Current street view of 624 Santander Avenue