Francesca Ciuffo
Broadcast Journalism and Advertising, ’19
Librarian mentors: Vanessa Rodriguez and Bill Walker
Project: Co-curating a library exhibit about the Orange Bowl
Leah Colucci
Neuroscience and Marine Science, ’17
Librarian mentor: Vera Spika
Project: Developing stress-relieving library programs
Alana Ergui
Mathematics, ’16
Librarian mentor: Kelly Miller
Project: Creating resources for Mathematics majors
Abigail Johnson
Psychology, Philosophy, and History, ’17
Librarian mentor: Lauren Fralinger
Project: Researching the history of women in science
Marlon Morraz
International Studies with a minor in Political Science, ’16
Librarian mentors: Martin Tsang and Lisa Baker
Project: Researching historical themes in video games
Madison Soden
Physics and Mathematics, ’17
Librarian mentor: Andrew Darby
Project: Curating an online library tour of a campus walking trail
Andrew Wodrich
Neuroscience and History, ’17
Librarian mentors: Jay Sylvestre and Bill Walker
Project: Co-curating a library exhibit about the Orange Bowl
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