Two new digital collections are now available at the UM Digital Collections

These digital collections facilitate the dissemination of knowledge for scholars and researchers and add to the rich online resources available at the Richter Library.

The first collection, The Canary Islands Digital Collection, documents the administration of Lázaro Moreno de León, who served as governor of the islands of Tenerife and La Palma for two years (1582-1584).  The collection includes 26 bound and paginated 16th-century manuscripts describing contemporary conditions and military operations in the Canary Islands, including a series of letters (15 items) and an assortment of other official documents (11 items). Twelve letters bear the imprimatur of King Philip II of Spain. The last two items in the collection mark the end of Moreno de León’s tenure and reference his successor, Juan Núñez de la Fuente, who served until 1589. Moreno de León appears in 18 of the items in the collection, either as subject or recipient (in the case of correspondence). However, the collection includes only one item bearing his signature: Item 18, authored by Diego de Ayala y Rojas, conde de la Gomera, and signed by Moreno de León as a witness.

The second collection, The Ramiro Casañas Collection, documents the history of Cuba during the nineteenth and 

twentieth centuries.  All of the materials in Series I, which consist of correspondence and documentation from the nineteenth century Cuban independence movement, Junta Revolucionaria Cubana [Cuban Revolutionary Committee], have been digitized. TheJunta Revolucionaria Cubana held meetings and exchanged correspondence among exiled members in Philadelphia, New York and New Orleans. Correspondence includes letters to and from Gaspar Betancourt Cisneros, Domingo de Goicouría and Porfirio Valiente among other notable historical figures.

For more information on either of these collections, visit the Canary Islands Collection finding aid or the Ramiro Casañas Collection finding aid.