Theses and Dissertations Service is Moving

University of Miami Electronic Theses and Dissertations Service is Moving

The University of Miami Graduate School ETD service has been moved to the University of Miami Scholarly Repository at:

After April 4, 2011, submissions by UM graduate students will be added to the Scholarly Repository. The new site features access to UM dissertations in the ProQuest Digital Dissertations dating from 1961 through 2007, and access to University of Miami electronic theses and dissertations from late 2006 to the present. Currently, over 4400 dissertations and 200 Master’s theses are accessible through the Scholarly Repository.

Graduates submitting their dissertations through the new service will retain the same options for providing access to their dissertations, which include offering unrestricted access, access for the UM campus only, or embargoing access to their dissertations.

The new service offers two important advantages to users. The new site is consistently crawled by Google and is cross searchable with other content in the UM Repository and repositories worldwide. This means that ETDs in this system will be more discoverable and accessible to researchers and scholars. Another feature of the new site is that users who include their email addresses will receive monthly reports of how often their work is downloaded.

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