Paperless University

The University Libraries’ Digital Scholarship and Programs is proud to announce Paperless University, a new blog about our experiences becoming a paper-free department at the Otto G. Richter Library. Armed with iPads, we have spent the past two months learning what it takes to live without paper in the office environment, and are using the blog to share our knowledge with the world and foster a community of University of Miami students, faculty, and staff interested in the concept of going paperless.

Currently, our six department members constitute the blog’s only authors, but we hope to change this soon. We welcome and encourage other people from the UM community willing to go paperless in some aspect of their lives-whether as librarians, staff, students, researchers, or faculty-to register as authors and begin sharing. Comments on posts are also encouraged. We aim to make the site as participatory as possible, and are actively recruiting people to join us.

Bryanna Herzog serves as the blog’s managing editor, and is the contact person for questions related to it. “We’d love to welcome other authors from the University of Miami to the blog, and hope that browsing its posts will inspire some of you to join us.”