CHC in the press: Ricardo Arregui and his archive featured in January 2014 issue of Ocean Drive Magazine

An advertisement Ricardo Arregui’s firm created for the Materva soft drink company to promote the drink’s “Viagra-like” properties. (Havana, Cuba, circa 1950s)

One of Cuba’s original Mad Men, Ricardo Arregui, is featured in Ocean Drive Magazine.  The fashion, entertainment, and society magazine included a piece on Arregui’s papers, which are housed in the Cuban Heritage Collection.


CHC in the press: Students of Cuba flock to UM’s Cuban Heritage Collection

Following last month’s article on employees 75 years and older becoming more common in the workplace in which CHC Chair Esperanza B. de Varona was featured, the Miami Herald spotlights us again this week with an article focusing on the CHC Graduate Fellows and their research in the collections. Entitled “Students of Cuba flock to UM’s Cuban Heritage Collection,” author Tania Valdemoro Longest interviews graduate fellows Rachel Hynson, Sitela Alvarez and João Gonçalves at length about their dissertation research and the central role that the CHC has played in this process. Hynson and Gonçalves are recipients of the 2011 Research Fellowship, which funds three months of research for students who wish to use the CHC as a primary resource for a dissertation, whereas Alvarez received the Pre-Prospectus Summer Fellowship allowing her one month’s time to research at the CHC for the purpose of writing a dissertation prospectus. Each has benefited from the CHC’s collections and the overall research environment. As Gonçalves puts it in the article, “the research conditions here are better than in Cuba. It’s hard to find certain papers there due to funding issues. And there are fewer people using the collections. The staff here can develop a personal relationship with you.” Esperanza B. de Varona and Deputy Chair Maria Estorino were also interviewed in the article about the legacy of the CHC and the motivation behind the fellowship program. “We are building collections that have an impact in the larger academic community,” said Maria Estorino, deputy chair of the collection. “These are the future scholars for Cuban studies, hemispheric studies and international studies. We want them to come back and share their knowledge with others.”

CHC Chair Esperanza B. de Varona featured in Miami Herald article

The Chair of the Cuban Heritage Collection, Esperanza B. de Varona was featured in Monday’s issue of The Miami Herald in an article titled “Working in retirement is not an oxymoron for these seniors.” The article, written by Ana Veciana-Suarez, details how employees 75 years and older are becoming more common in the workplace, and plan to continue working so as long as they stay healthy. For many, this is a result of their commitment and dedication to their work. The article features Mrs. de Varona in its final two paragraphs, where she is quoted as having “‘an immense gratitude’ for the opportunity to work with what she loves best – books.”

Luis J. Botifoll Oral History Project on front page of The Miami Hurricane

The University of Miami twice-weekly student newspaper The Miami Hurricane features the Luis J. Botifoll Oral History Project on the cover of the February 7 issue.

The Botifoll Oral History Project was launched in April 2008 with the support of the Amigos of the Cuban Heritage Collection. To date, we have recorded 43 interviews with members of the first generation of Cubans exiled since the Cuban Revolution.  Interviewees include political prisoners, artists and musicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, and others.  The Project aims to record and provide access to these testimonies in support of the Cuban Heritage Collection’s efforts to document the Cuban experience on the island and in the diaspora. As interviews are completed, transcriptions and video clips are made available online. Visit the Luis J. Botifoll Oral History Project digital collection »

Pick up a copy of the Miami Hurricane on campus or view the article online.

We’d like to thank Corey Fujikawa and the staff at The Miami Hurricane for dedicating space to this important project, and to all those who have donated to this endeavor for making it possible.  To learn more about the Project and how you can support it, please visit our website.

CHC featured in October 2010 issue of Ocean Drive Magazine

CHC is featured in this month’s issue of Ocean Drive Magazine, the fashion, society, culture, and entertainment magazine. We’re delighted to be highlighted along with mouth-watering Brazilian and Mexican restaurants, the latest fashions exhibited at the Miami City Ballet, and Shakira! Pick up a copy on newsstands today, or check out the article here: