The Digital Scholarship Team offers consultations and instructional support for research methods, preserving and publishing research in the digital era, and software access and instruction in GIS, statistics, qualitative methods, and the digital humanities. Meet our experts and learn more about our service areas:


Picture: Cameron Riopelle
Data Services
Our Data Services Librarian assists with finding data, data management, and data analysis. He is experienced in qualitative and quantitative research methods. He can help with all aspects of the research process, including using research software such as SPSS, R, SAS, Stata, NVivo and others, and communicating results to a variety of audiences. He is available for in-class tutorials and consultations.

Cameron Riopelle, PhD
Data Services Librarian
(305) 284-9412

Picture: Paige Morgan

Digital Humanities & Digital Scholarship
Our Digital Humanities & Scholarship Librarian collaborates with faculty and students in creating and using digital humanities and scholarship research. She is available to teach workshops on project management, DH tools and methods, and to provide consultations on DH projects and potential projects.

Paige Morgan, PhD
Digital Humanities Librarian
(305) 284-1524

Picture: Jason Cohen

Digital Publishing
Our Digital Publishing Specialist can provide assistance with the digital publishing platforms, software, and tools that support the preservation, dissemination, and access to research produced at the University of Miami. He is available for consultations.

Jason Cohen
Digital Publishing Specialist
(305) 284-1524

Picture: Abraham Parrish
GIS Services
Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services Librarian has over 20 years of GIS experience. He provides expert assistance in GIS, particularly using ArcGIS, to faculty and students on all three campuses. He is available for workshops and consultations.

Abraham Parrish
GIS Services Librarian
(305) 284-9488

Picture: Jorge Quintela
GIS & Data Services
Our GIS & Data Specialist provides expert assistance with GIS (principally ArcGIS), data services, and statistical methods for faculty and students on all three campuses. He is available for consultations.

Jorge Quintela, PhD
GIS & Data Specialist
(305) 284-5729

Picture: Timothy Norris
Research Data Management
Our Research Data Scientist provides assistance with data management plans, publishing data sets as required by grants or journal publications, and assigning DOIs to datasets. He is available for data management seminars and consultations.

Timothy Norris, PhD
Research Data Scientist
(305) 284-2826