Introduction to the Program

To help patrons take advantage of the vast array of information resources available through the Libraries, Education and Outreach offers a variety of educational opportunities for students and faculty. Our goal is to meet the needs of our teaching faculty in educating their students on how to conduct library research and to promote information literacy in the University of Miami community.

Course-Related Instruction

We offer course-related instruction to students at all levels. We work closely with the University of Miami Experience (UMX) and English Compostion courses, but we also provide instruction for other lower-level undergraduate courses as well as upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses. At the request of faculty and teaching assistants, Education and Outreach librarians develop customized library instruction sessions designed to teach students how to identify, access, and evaluate relevant print and online resources for a variety of classroom assignments. We work in conjunction with the faculty to ensure that our session meets the specific needs and requirements of these assignments.

Many upper-level undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Miami benefit from our subject-specialist librarian’s expertise. There are times when a new course or research topic demands the use of unfamiliar resources that can be frustrating to even the most sophisticated library user. Government documents and complex or little-known databases are among the sources that can cause difficulties. For students needing such materials, we offer a more advanced form of instruction tailored to the specific needs of the course. Upper division students are also more focused on a specific discipline and can benefit from an advanced orientation to the literature in their field.


Education and Outreach librarians offer tours and workshops to help users identify and locate resources for course assignments, teaching, and other research needs. Our workshops cover such topics as using RefWorks bibliographic management software, improving online search skills, and using RSS Feeds and other alert services to keep up with scholarly research, among other topics.


We also offer a variety of orientation activities for new students and faculty. Education and Outreach librarians participate in the University’s campus-wide orientation activities, including brief overviews of library services and tours. For any special requests, please contact the Information and Research Assistance Desk, 305-284-4722.