University of Miami faculty are eligible to designate individuals to act as a proxy representative when checking out materials from the Otto G. Richter Library, Paul Buisson Reference Library, and Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library. Proxy representatives can check out both library-owned and interlibrary loan materials on behalf of the principal borrower with the same loan periods and privileges that the principal borrower would receive.

Conditions for use:

  • Principal borrowers may have up to three proxy representatives.
  • To designate a proxy representatives, principal borrowers must already be registered borrowers in the libraries listed above.
  • Principal borrowers are solely responsible for all materials checked out on a proxy representative’s account and any fines, fees, or replacement charges accrued.
  • Proxy privileges begin and end August 31st of each year.

A proxy record will be created when either the principal borrower or the designated proxy representative presents the signed application and an ID at the Richter Library 1st floor Circulation Desk.

Proxy representatives act solely for the principal borrower. No additional services are provided for the proxy representative’s personal use.

Access Your MyLibrary Proxy Account

MyLibrary Proxy Accounts enable faculty to view and renew library materials that are checked out by their proxies.   MyLibrary Proxy Accounts are created with a modified version of the faculty name and C#.  A Library PIN will need to be create the first time a MyLibary Proxy account is accessed.

Below are a sample diagram (from an email confirmation of a Proxy Application) and an image of the MyLibrary Login page for a Professor John Smith with Cxxxxxxxx.

For Your Last Name, enter “Proxy for [Faculty’s Last Name].”

For your University ID, enter “P[proxy #]-C[Faculty C#].”

*Each proxy is designated as number 1, 2, or 3.  Your proxy’s number may be found in your proxy application form or in the confirmation email from your proxy application form.

For more information, contact the Circulation Desk, Richter Library, 1st Floor, 305-284-3233,