TNT: Trying New Technology

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The DML has a few new toys at the lab this year and we’d love to show them off.  We have new 3D printers, a single lens 360 camera, Virtual Reality Goggles with an iPod to view 3D videos, a 3D scanner, and a 3D pen.  Attend our TNT (Trying New Technology) workshop series to learn more about and test our new technology available in the lab, including 3D printing and virtual reality tools. Each workshops focuses on a new particular technology. We’ll discuss how the technology works, what people are using it for, and give you a hands on demo on how to operate it.

This semester we have the following new items you can learn more about and test for yourself:

Click here for the TNT website : Learn more and register for a workshop(s) you are interested in. All attendees are then eligible to reserve these items for check-out, or in the case of the 3D printer, reserve time to print.