Make 3D Models from Photos

Ever since we introduced 3D printers into the lab, the most common question we are always asked is, “How do you make a model for 3D printing?” Normally we point people to free software like Tinkerkad and 123D Design, which are easier for beginners. The second most common question is about 3D scanning.

Last semester we tried using the Xbox 360 Kinect for scanning. It had a lot of limitations, and is more for fun than anything practical. This semester we are testing Autodesk ReMake which uses photographs to make a 3D model. Autodesk ReMake is available to download for free for education purposes. You can learn more about downloading on the UMIT webpage:

To make a 3D model, you would photograph the item you want to model and then upload the images into ReMake. ReMake then stitches the images together to make a 3D model. This process can take over an hour, but ReMake will email you when the file is complete. Using ReMake, you can do some basic editing of the model they send you and then 3D print it if you wish. You can also export the file to use in more advanced 3D software.

We’ve created a video that shows our testing process with Autodesk ReMake. We’ll continue to run some tests throughout the semester. Please feel free to come by the lab and discuss ReMake and get some tips on best practices.