The Larry Taylor-Billy Matthews Musical Theater Archive is a comprehensive collection of audio and video recordings and printed materials focusing primarily on American musical theater and popular music.

The collection of audio and video recordings comprises 8,000 long-playing records, over 2,700 compact discs, and several hundred video and audio cassettes. It includes complete coverage of American recordings, a virtually complete representation of British recordings of Broadway musicals, and a wide selection of foreign recordings.  Many of the audio-cassettes are unpublished recordings made in the studio at the time the published recordings were made.  These unpublished versions are often more complete than those released for sale.

The Archive’s printed materials include 14,000 pieces of sheet music and more than 2,100 piano-conductor scores, vocal scores and volumes of vocal selections. 50 of the piano-conductor scores are special presentation editions produced by the Chelsea Music Service. Also in the collection are 3,000 playbills and programs.

This extensive Archive was assembled over the last quarter century by two New York collectors, Larry Taylor and Billy Matthews.  Additional materials for the Archive were donated by the family of Terry Miller. The bulk of the collection was received in 1991. The Weeks Library continues to acquire recordings, scores, videos, scripts, and playbills of the American musical theater as part of its commitment to build upon the work begun by Mr. Taylor and Mr. Matthews.

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