Contribution to “America in Color”

The producers took the image of the team picture taken at the first season and colored it for the program. [source: University of Miami Historical Photograph Collection]

About a year ago we were contacted by a British company asking for materials about the early history of the University of Miami including images. Last month they contacted us for another inquiry so I asked them if they had created a program using the materials we had provided.

They said yes and told me that the series they produced titled “America in Color” would start airing in July on Smithsonian Channel. Please read the recent Miami New Times’ story (link below) to find out how the series was created as well as to watch the Miami segment from the Episode titled “The 1920s.” I have never seen such a vivid presentation of the Great Hurricane of 1926.

Read Miami New Times article “Here’s Amazing Footage of the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 Restored in Full Color”

I googled to look for more about Ralph Earle, who was the movie cameraman captured the hurricane footage, and was surprised to find so many websites and videos about the Great Hurricane of 1926 are available on the Internet.

The University of Miami Libraries is listed as a contributor among the prestigious institutions around the country.

Please go to the link below to find out more about the 5-part series “America in Color.” A full story of Episode 1, as well as snippets from the rest of the episodes, are available at the website.

Smithsonian Channel’s website “America in Color”