Sonny Capone, the only son of Al Capone, was a Cane!

Last December, we received an inquiry for pictures of Sonny Capone from a researcher in Europe who was writing a biography of the only son of the legendary gangster Al Capone. The Office of the President forwarded me the inquiry, I was able to tell my colleagues at the Office that it is a well-documented fact that Albert Francis “Sonny” Capone graduated from the U, and then they agreed for us to provide a permission for the author to use the image from the 1941 Ibis yearbook on the cover of the publication.

Below is the image the author selected, which is one of the only two pictures (both from Ibis) we could provide him from our collection. He kindly sent us a copy of the biography and we will add it to our permanent collection.

See the image below from the 1941 Ibis.

Albert Francis Capone (left) in the 1941 Ibis

See also the image below from the 1940 Ibis. He is listed as “Al Capone(!)”

He is listed as “Al Capone” in the 1940 Ibis

Go to the link below for The Miami Hurricane articles, where he appeared as “Sonny Capone” in 1938 and 1940 who loved golf and infatuated with Rosemarie Neil (could this be a new discovery?).

(Sonny Capone in TMG)

He appeared once as “Albert Capone” in the May 22, 1941 issue of TMG. (link below)

(Albert Capone in TMH)

I hope this example convinces the University community that the historical publications of the University of Miami are invaluable resources for genealogy research! Also, I would like to point out that the patron was able to discover our collections from thousands of miles away. It is the result of the successful collaboration of Richter departments to digitize the UM’s historical resources and make them accessible online.