Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a welcoming place where you are able to create and experiment, consult with peers and experts, discover and explore resources and ideas, and study individually and collaboratively.

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Find articles, textbooks, and more. Check out resources and tools. Locate study space. Visit the UM Libraries.


Develop your knowledge of GIS, Digital Humanities, qualitative methods, and statistics. Find, manage, interpret and publish data. Learn specialized software and tools.


Book a group study room. Learn together. Collaborate on course projects.


Meet speakers of languages other than English at the Modern Languages Lab. Practice listening and understanding the ideas and perspectives of others. Improve your ability to express yourself through speaking and writing.


Print photos, posters, and 3D objects. Check out cameras and other audiovisual equipment. Learn software to create multimedia projects. Visit the Digital Media Lab.


Gain confidence and improve your course performance. Increase your content knowledge. Develop your study skills. Visit the Camner Center and Math Lab.


Find scholarly resources. Develop search strategies. Create and manage citations. Meet your librarians and Library Research Scholars.


Install software on your device. Upgrade your device. Fix your device. Visit the Student Technology Help Desk.


Clarify your ideas. Organize your thoughts. Improve your prose. Visit the Writing Center.