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Schenley Park

"My tucked-away little neighborhood of Schenley Park is peaceful, green, and even a bit hilly! Best of all, I'm a very, very pleasant 3 mile drive from work...most of it under a canopy of beautiful Royal Poincianas. The architecture is diverse (Mediterranean, Mid-Century, Modern…and more) and I'm a mere 9 miles from Miami Beach, very close to South Miami and its shops and restaurants, to Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens, to Calle Ocho, and to Coconut Grove. Schenley Park is considered one of Miami's "Best Kept Secrets" so shhhh...this is for your ears only!"

UM Staff
Cristina Favretto
Head of Special Collections


"Nestled between restaurant-filled Coral Way (22nd St) to the south and Little Havana and Calle Ocho (8th St) to the north, Shenandoah is one of the older neighborhoods in Miami and is full of charming late 1920’s Spanish bungalows. I live close to Calle Ocho and love that I can walk to restaurants and bars as well as easily go see a movie at the historic Tower Theater or grab a cafecito or cortadito at one of the many counters that line the street."

UM Staff
Sarah Shreeves
Associate Dean for Digital Strategies


"Yes it's a ride; 45 minutes on a good traffic day, but I have found that I REALLY like it down there. It's peaceful, quiet and reminds me of Old Miami, the Miami I knew growing up in the 60's, 70's and even 80's. One of the best parts of the day is getting home in the afternoons and just sitting on my front porch and looking out over the 40 acres in front of my house and the lush vegetables growing there...and let the peace of it seep into my soul. At night the stars come many that cannot be seen from "the city". When we need something i'’s just a very short drive to all the regular amenities you find everywhere: Publix, Winn Dixie, CVS, Walgreens, the movies. If you want fresh veggies or fruit, what I don't grow myself, I can literally get 'down the road' from a road side stand. A slower pace of life for our hectic world."

UM Staff
Vince Oller
Supervisor, Off-Campus Storage Facility


"I live in Dadeland because it is convenient for shopping and an easy commute to work. It is nice that it is a less expensive rental area near the University and I love going on runs in and around the nearby Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens."

UM Staff
Lisa Wheeler
Metadata Management Librarian

Pinecrest/Palmetto Bay/Kendall/Kendall Lakes/Falls

"I live in a condo apartment surrounding all of these areas, but my address is really located within the Falls. The Falls has quite a lot of restaurants, big shopping centers, three Publix Stores, Home Depot, Marshall, TJMax, Old Navy and quite a few others, which are all within walking distance. Also within walking distance, I can go to the YMCA with the best facilities in the area. I have access to Baptist Hospital’s out-patient Facility nearby or Jackson South Hospital is close also. You can easily connect to Coconut Grove , Downtown Miami, or Broward County thru nearby major highways."

UM Staff
Roca Beiro
Facilities Manager


"Brickell is a dense neighborhood in the Downtown Miami area and considered South Florida’s major financial district. Brickell has a high concentration of luxury high-rise condos with modern amenities, as well as many popular restaurants, shops, and hotels. I like Brickell's key restaurant and shopping areas, consisting of Mary Brickell Village and the newly-opened Brickell City Centre, which spans up to 5 blocks consisting of high-end stores, theatre, and restaurants. For me, I enjoy that Brickell is centrally located within miles of neighboring areas for all types of activities."

UM Staff
Linda Isaac
Special Collections Cataloging & Metadata Librarian

Miami Shores/Biscayne Park/El Portal/North Miami

"I live in the historic – for Miami – Village of Miami Shores, founded in 1925. A suburb of Miami with a small town feel, it lies roughly 20 miles north of UM. It's a very family oriented community, welcoming families of all stripes, including an active, well-established LBGTQ community. There are excellent public and private schools and recreation facilities, including an Aquatic Center hosting 'Dive-In Movie Theater' Nights, a municipal library, and many active civic and cultural organizations and clubs. Residents really get to know each other and are actively involved in the community and Village government. The active arts and foodie scenes of Miami Beach, Wynwood, and downtown Miami are a short drive away, so Shores residents are able to experience the best of both worlds."

UM Staff
Cheryl Gowing
Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access

Miami Beach

"My husband and I love, and participate in, Miami's music and art scene regularly. We enjoy going out to restaurants, nightclubs, concert venues, and the beach. Due to the multiple cultures represented in our neighborhood, there are music performances of all genres, drum circles, open mic events and live art shows happening somewhere constantly. The warm weather and the cultural diversity of the region we live in, make our locality the vibrant and dynamic community we wished for."

UM Staff
Rosa Maria Ortiz
Public Services & Acquisitions Assistant, Cuban Heritage Collection

South Miami

"We like South Miami because of its convenience. It's about a five minute drive/twenty-two minute walk to the Richter library, we have a good elementary school a block away, a lightly used park right behind us, and the stores on Bird Road are walking distance, while downtown South Miami (with its shops and great restaurants) is close, too. And if we want to go to downtown Miami or Miami Beach or Key Biscayne, it’s only 20-30 minutes by car."

UM Staff
Andrew Darby
Head of Web & Application Development


"The Edgewater/Midtown area, just north of downtown Miami along Biscayne Bay, has a good mix of everything. The area has a good mix of newer luxury condo buildings and smaller buildings with great views, lots of restaurants and coffee shops, and a Target – what more could you ask for? You can be within walking distance of the Wynwood arts district, the Adrienne Arsht performing arts center, and a nice bay-front dog park. While it isn’t close to the Metrorail, it is easy to get on I-95 and the causeway to Miami Beach, making it simple to get all around Miami."

UM Staff
Elliot Williams
Digital Initiatives Metadata Librarian

Coconut Grove

"Between the lush tropical landscaping, the walkability of the commercial district, and the annual festivals at my doorstep, I can't imagine leaving this neighborhood. My favorite festival is the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. It is one of the country's largest art shows for global artists."

UM Staff
Glen Wiley
Head of Metadata & Discovery Services

Getting Around in Miami


Driving Driving in Miami

Miami is a big town and there's no denying that things are rather spread out. So, here's a few helpful hints about getting around.

Most people like to drive. There are a several major highways that make it relatively easy to get from one side of the county to the other. Of course, rush hour is rush hour; there's no changing that! One of the things that make it a little better in Miami, however, is the SunPass system.

SunPass is an electronic prepaid toll system used throughout Florida. This eliminates all the bottlenecks associated with toll booths! Miami-Dade County even pays you an annual refund if you use the system a lot on the county highways!

UM Staff

Terri Robar
Learning & Research Services Librarian

Public Transit

SPARC Public transport in Miami

You can avoid traffic and the hassles of finding a parking spot by using Miami-Dade Transit. The 25-mile long Metrorail system can take you from the Miami International Airport all the way down to Dadeland South, with stops near the University of Miami in Coral Gables and the Miller School of Medicine in Downtown Miami. Metrobus service covers the entire county, including a stop near the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences in Virginia Key.

The train cars have empty spaces among the seats to handle big items like bicycles. The buses also have bicycle racks.

The Public Transportation Program through the University of Miami offers significant discounts on monthly passes for Miami-Dade Transit as well as Tri-Rail, which connects Miami to West Palm Beach.

UM Staff

Nat Phensiriphand
Information Specialist


SPARC Two generations of librarians, Fairchild Tropical Gardens

There are so many resources for families living in Miami. Locally, we have Zoo Miami, Jungle Island, Miami Seaquarium, Miami Children's Museum, and soon we will have a brand new science museum, Frost Science! If you want to take a drive north, there's of course Disney World in Orlando and Legoland in Winter Haven. On "UM Family Nights," employees have access to free or discounted tickets to Miami Hurricanes or Florida Marlins games! And then of course there are all of the beaches... And I also always recommend the Children's Exchange for families with young children.

UM Staff

Lisa Baker
Head, Richter Library Learning & Research Services


Top Ten Cheap Eats in Miami

  1. The fruit! Whether whole, in fresh squeezed juice (available everywhere), or in batidos (no ice cream in these milk shakes - just ice, milk, and fruit) - you can regularly get the most amazing array of fruit. My current favorite is guanabana juice from the aptly named El Palacio de los Jugos.
  2. Coffee. Whether your choice is a cafe con leche or a cafecito or a cortadito you can get it almost anywhere including from the near ubiquitous walk up windows.
  3. Cuban pastelitos with meat or cheese or guava or croquetas with cod or ham or chicken - again from nearly any of the walk up windows around Miami.
  4. A Honduran baleada - a tortilla with refried beans and crema folded over on itself. The description doesn't do justice to what it tastes like.
  5. The Salvadoran pupusas with a side of curtido - the most delicious coleslaw like salad you will ever have.
  6. The Pan Con Minuta or fish sandwich from La Camaronera. Right off the boat, simple, huge and delicious.
  7. Roast mojo pork, bought by the pound from El Palacio de las Jugos or even just the local grocery store, eat it with the yucca on the side and don't forget the chicharrones!
  8. The bread pudding and flan that you can get almost anywhere.
  9. Arepas for breakfast from the farmers market that is regularly outside of the Richter Library.
  10. Caribbean chicken, or ribs or pork from the local fast food chain Pollo Tropical. Other fast food will never be the same again. And get the balsamic tomatoes as a side.
UM Staff

Sarah Shreeves
Associate Dean for Digital Strategies

"I'm interested in culinary history and food culture, and when I moved here from Los Angeles—one of the best food cities in the world—I thought Miami would be a bit of a food desert. Instead, I've found fertile ground for my interests: I do an occasional food blog (Tastes of the Tropics) and have met a fascinating variety of chefs, organic farmers, food writers, and restaurateurs. The food life in Miami is happening, big time!"

UM Staff
Cristina Favretto
Head of Special Collections

"I always look forward to Marketplace Wednesdays. I can get a freshly baked pain au chocolate or almond crossaint and an all organic fruit favorite is papaya, strawerries and banana!"

UM Staff
Patricia Villanueva
Web Designer